Natural resource base:

Natural resource base that consist of agricultural products with the potential of the production of existing agricultural products within the Capricon District, specifically citrus, vegetables, livestock and game farming. There are several government-owned irrigation schemes that are operating considerably below potential. There is also extensive land and buildings for broiler farming that is being under-utilized.

Agro-processing and cluster development:

The Zebediela Citrus is one of largest citrus farms in the Southern Hemisphere.

Opportunities mainly in relation to the establishment of new agro-processing based industries that are focused on the beneficiation of the existing agricultural products.

There are considerable number of LED opportunities in Agri-Business that could contribute substantially to the economic development of Lepelle-Nkumpi that includes the development of handling plants such as washing and packaging of fruit and vegetables.

Customized factories for meat and hide processing are currently vacant and underutilised in the Lebowakgomo Industrial Park with a potential to create huge opportunities to participate in cluster development for meat production.

The facilities incorporate broiler and cattle feed production, livestock farming, slaughtering, processing, packaging and marketing.