Specific powers and functions were assigned to the Lepelle-Nkumpi Local Municipality in terms of Notice of Establishment (Notice No. 307) that was published in Limpopo Provincial Government Notice No. 307 of 2000. The powers and functions are as follow:

Municipal Powers and Functions Responsible Department (Organogram Alignment)
The provision and maintenance of child care facilities Community Services
Development of local tourism Planning and LED
Municipal planning Planning and LED
Municipal public transport Community Services/Planning and LED
Municipal public works Community Services
Storm water management systems Infrastructure Development
Administer trading regulations Planning and LED
Provision and maintenance of water and sanitation Infrastructure Development
Administer billboards and display of advertisement in public areas Planning and LED
Administer cemeteries, funeral parlours and crematoria Community Services
Cleansing; Community Services
Control of public nuisances Community Services
Control of undertaking that sell liquor to the public Planning and LED
Ensure the provision of facilities for the accommodation, care and burial of animals Community Services
Fencing and fences Infrastructure Development
Licensing of dogs Community Services
Licensing and control of undertakings that sell food to the public Planning and LED
Administer and maintenance of local amenities Community Services
Development and maintenance of local sport facilities Community Services
Develop and administer markets Planning and LED
Development and maintenance of municipal parks and recreation Community Services
Regulate noise pollution Community Services
Administer Pounds Community Services
Development and maintenance of public places Community Services
Refuse removal, refuse dumps and solid waste disposal Community Services
Administer street trading Planning and LED
Provision of municipal health services. Community Services

The division of powers and functions between the district municipalities and local municipalities were adjusted by Limpopo MEC for Co-Operative Governance in terms of Sections 16 and 85 of the Municipal Structures Act, 1998 and published in Provincial Gazette No. 878, dated 07 March 2003. The following district municipal powers and functions were transferred to Lepelle-Nkumpi Municipality:

Municipal Powers and Functions Responsible Department
Solid waste disposal sites Community Services
Municipal roads Infrastructure Development
Cemeteries and crematoria Community Services
Promotion of local tourism and Planning and LED
Municipal public works relating to any of the above functions or any other functions assigned to the local municipality. Community Services